3 Free Ways to Track Your Online Reputation

An online brand can be compared to a tree falling in a forest. If you don’t know it’s there, then how do you know it’s crashing fast or standing proud?

As professional content writers will tell you, it’s nothing these days to find your online content stolen, blog comments crashed by hackers, or photos snatched with Grinch-like precision.

Yet, it’s so 2005 to go out and Google yourself, Paris Hilton style. Instead of looking like a schmutz, track your online reputation incognito using these nifty devices.

Monitoring With Mention

Brand24 is an AI-powered brand reputation management tool that crawls the entire internet in search of ongoing conversations about your Whatsapp Data brand, as opposed to only monitoring social media signals like some platforms. It features a project-based interface that allows you to follow multiple brands, maintain multiple ongoing projects, and more.

Getting Started With Brand24
You can sign up for Brand24 for free and vet the 3 Free Ways to Track service for up to two weeks. After that, you can choose from four service tier subscriptions, ranging from Individual to Enterprise.

Sign up by providing Brand24 with your business email and creating a password.
Set up your first project by clicking the “Add new project” button.
Add the topics you want Brand24 to monitor – brand names, competitors’ names, etc.
Add your keywords and choose the language for your project. That’s it!

Utilizing Brand24’s Insights

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Brand24 leverages the amazing power of AI to access, monitor, 3 Free Ways to Track and compile a wide variety of mentions and conversations across the entire internet, including podcasts, reviews, news articles, and more. It then combines that data to ES Phone Number come up with user-friendly sentiment analysis that takes some of the guesswork out of online reputation assessment.


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