30 Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Over the past year and a half, though, companies found themselves up against new walls and had to adapt or falter when it came to their marketing plans.

The need for radical digital transformation occurred practically overnight, and creative solutions found their way into the business realm.

Many of these changes are subtle, while others may be entirely new ways of achieving successful results and reaching more of the targeted audience.

Focus on a Better Content Experience

It’s no secret that customer experience is paramount to Ws Data successful digital marketing strategies today.

It’s also no secret that consumers’ preferences change, from the type of content to the format for presenting that content.

Staying up to date on what your targeted audience prefers and needs when it comes to content, then, is a way to create a better all-around customer experience.

So is creating your own unique narrative and using it across the board to provide consistent, engaging content everywhere you go.

In 2023, content strategies are moving towards a more cohesive structure, tying each part with the overall whole.

To do so, marketing departments will need to spend more time researching, planning, and implementing this new cohesive content experience for their audience, which will likely include other trends on this list as well.

In essence, this trend requires you to become part of your customers’ world by providing consistent, engaging content and interactions across the board and, in turn, boost your customer loyalty and overall brand image.

Beginning with this mindset, brands are focusing on bettering the content experience of their audience, spending more time in the planning stage, and hiring dedicated content creators, editors, and strategists.

Increase in the Use of Interactive Content

Polls and interactive quizzes are already popular on the various social media platforms. While engaging for users, these tools also provide you with quick information about your potential customers.

While this type of interactive content will continue to be popular, expect to see more ways to incorporate engaging content into your strategy.

For example, add it to landing pages to make them more engaging and ES Phone Number informative, resulting in higher success at capturing leads.


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