A Guide for Seamless Communication

Demystifying Chinese Phone Numbers:
Calling or texting someone in China? Understanding Chinese phone number formats can eliminate confusion and ensure your message reaches the right person.

This guide unravels

The intricacies of Chinese phone numbers, making international communication a breeze.

Landlines vs. Mobile Phones: Decoded


Identified by area codes followed by local numbers.
Major cities: 2-digit area code + 8-digit local number (e.g., Beijing: 010-XXXXXXX).
Other areas: 3-digit area code + 7/8-digit local number.

When dialing within

China nclude the area code, even for local calls.
Mobile Phones:

Don’t have area codes

Consist of 11 digits in the format 1xx-XXXX-XXXX.
First 3 digits (13x to 19x) identify ES Phone Number the mobile service provider.
Remember: 140-144 numbers are exceptions, with 13 digits for IoT (Internet of Things).

ES Phone Number

Calling China from Abroad

Country Code and Dialing Tips
China’s country code: +86
To call a landline: +86 + area code + local number (e.g., +86 10 XXXXXXX for Beijing).
To call a mobile number: +86 + mobile number (e.g., +86 135 XXXXXXX).
Pro Tip:

Save phone numbers

In international format (+86) for effortless dialing from anywhere.

Beyond the Numbers: Etiquette Tips for Calling China

Greet the recipient politely

Be mindful of the time difference.
Speak slowly and clearly, especially if there’s a language barrier.

By understanding

Chinese phone number formats and following these WHAT I LEARNED LIVE WITH SEAN ELLIS helpful tips, you can navigate communication in China with confidence. Now, go forth and connect!


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