A situation where the controller has concluded

Are they deletd automatically or manually? At what intervals? In the process of data processing… Collecting consent and properly managing it is the beginning of the road to success. During data processing, many circumstances may arise that will require data processing to be designd in such a way as to face them. What is it about? Here are some examples you can consider: check whether the system allows the customer to independently manage consents. in his account / customer panel after logging in, or by clicking on the receivd link.

Arising from the GDPR in particular

Which will take the customer to a page with a summary / setting preferences relatd to. CRM if your system allows you to “track” communication phone number list with the user, consider automatic, cyclical deletion of data in this system in the event of no reaction from a given client . noticd deficiencies in reading messages, lack of response) consider the functionality of cyclical, automatic renewal of consent (by sending a message to the person who gave the consent) In case of withdrawal of consen.

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The fulfillment of the obligations

As I mentiond above, once given consent can be revokd. Not only that, the customer also knows about it, because you have to inform ES Phone Number him about it when collecting data (and consent). What to prepare for in such a case and, above all, how? do not make it difficult to withdraw consent – avoid such assumptions in the system that require clicking through the submittd form, obligatory answering a few additional questions (in this context, the financial penalty imposd by the decision of the President of the UODO on ClickQuickNow is of great importance.

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