City is Home to Osaka Station Along With

After Tokyo, Osaka is one of the largest cities in Japan. It is divided into several districts. The Umeda district, located in the Kita neighborhood, is home to Osaka Station, a beautiful recently renovated train station and shopping complex in an open-plan floor plan with a glass roof.

Why is this transportation hub known as Osaka Station City instead of just Osaka Station? One reason is that Station stations, including JR Umeda Station.

Don’t let the names fool you check out all that Osaka Station has to offer

If you arrive to Osaka with the Shinkansen you Latest Mailing Database will arrive at Shin Osaka station. Change to a non-Shinkansen JR line at Osaka Station. However, The stations are located just three to four minutes apart.

You can enter and exit the station through the doors on the ground floor, and you can access any platform from the turnstiles.

Bus and Taxi Services Are Also Available .

In Addition, There Are Ticket Offices. However, Which Are Coin-operated , on the 1st and 3rd Floors of the Main Station Building.

Food and Shopping
In the Main Station Building You Will Find Restaurants and Shops. Such as the Japanese Chain. On Both the North and South Sides. However, Of the Station There Are Buildings That House Restaurants. Shops and a Multitude of Leisure Possibilities .

These areas are connected by a bridge called Toki no Hiroba, translated as Time & Space Plaza, which leads to the train tracks.

Yodobashi Camera and the Hankyu and Hanshin department stores

Latest Mailing Database

The North Gate Building contains a shopping complex and unique ES Phone Number green spaces that are a hallmark of modern Japan. The Lucua shopping complex has hundreds of stores spread over twelve floors . It also houses restaurants, a multi-cinema and an athletics club.

A souvenir shop that we recommend for all fans of animation is the Pokémon Center. There are three terraces spanning the fifteenth to seventeenth floors and on which you can find the Taiyo no Hiroba, or Sun Plaza, complete with an interesting courtyard restaurant and spectacular views of the Umeda skyline.

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