Customer experience is an ecosystem

We tend to underestimate our value proposition and overestimate that of the competition. The reason? We are guided by superficialities, rumors and perceptions. Customer experience We judge by first impressions without doing the underlying task of really understanding the scope of what others offer . In many cases, clients, as a negotiation strategy, will tell you that the competition’s promotion is more attractive, that the commercial conditions are more favorable, that they are more compliant with shipments, and that the payment terms are more convenient. Now ask yourself, is the client the most reliable source of information? Do they have the objectivity necessary to make that value judgment?

Theory the competition

Are they seeing the whole movie or is it a half-truth? The only one who can judge that is you. Your mission is to understand the extent of your benefits based on what others offer. Let’s even assume that you really don’t have the best option on the market. To do? Understand who it is relevant to. Stop pining for your neighbor’s meadow and rejoice in your own garden. It is not give up a differential because in also has it. Remember, paper can do anything. People can put it on their website, in their brochure, in a presentation, in a sales pitch, anywhere. Are they really doing it? Because sometimes it happens that you have a very company data relevant argument, but as soon as you see that others also communicate it, you think that it is no longer a differential and you discard it.

It responds to customers

Customer experience The bottom line is that what they are promising is not always what they are fulfilling, and you do not necessarily have to give up what you have worked so hard for, that you have really developed very well, that makes it fantastic, that the market recognizes it. , just because someone else is communicating it. Double click on the ES Phone Number competition’s arguments and understand if what they are promising they are really delivering. For example, you can say that the warranty is one of your most important differentials because it has high coverage, it has inventory management, spare parts, whatever applies. The competition may also say they have a warranty, but are they the same terms?


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