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Leverage employee advocacy one of the fastest ways to grow a new franchisees social media presence is to encourage their employees to get involve. Employee advocacy can increase organic reach up to and profits up to . Plus. A third of employees already share their companys content without being aske. Besides moolah and reach. Employee advocacy also has other benefits: employee advocacy programs drive improvements in reach and brand health source: hootsuite and altimeter research. Social transformation report employee advocacy can be as simple as employees sharing your content to their personal networks. Or you can go a step further with hootsuite amplify: a deicate space for pre-approve posts. Besides having access to a library of ready-to-share content.

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Employees can generate custom captions in their own style with built-in ai writing tools. Bringing employees into your marketing strategy can strengthen their engagement level and cut your paid advertising costs at the same time. A win-win for you and your franchisees. Encourage customer reviews testimonials inspire trust. In both the franchisor and franchisee. If customers are already b2b email list leaving reviews on google. Yelp. Or your social media profiles. Share them. Create a brande graphic your franchisees can copy and paste existing reviews into for quick content thats to quote pokemon super effective. People rank customer reviews. And other user-generate content. As .

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X more authentic than anything a brand produces. Even if your latest commercial has a-list hollywood talent. Thats important because while of marketers think theyre producing authentic content. Only of consumers agree. No nee to hunt down reviews. Set up hootsuite streams to track reviews and mentions of your brand. And share it with a few clicks. . Share top-performing content tips ES Phone Number did a post from one of your branches go viral? Figure out why. Then share it as an example for all your franchisees. How you share any lessons learne depends how youve set up your franchisee marketing structure. You could send out a monthly newsletter covering great post examples and best practices. Or.


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