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Paid recess: it is an obligation of the entity to keep the taxpayer in a healthy life. With this, rest time continues to be remunerated, despite the absence from activities, the days are paid without discount. Accident insurance: this topic points out the company’s duty to protect the well-being of its provider from risky conditions, based on the articles of that law in question. For companies, celebrating this day with the team is also of great satisfaction. Vitória, as a human resources professional, evaluates this initiative as something positive for the entities and the work environment in general. “Hiring interns contributes to the evolution of the labor market because the company has, in addition to access to qualified talent, the possibility of helping in the quality of learning in institutions.

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Therefore, by strengthening this partnership between the company and the educational entity, the expectations of the business ecosystem in relation to its future become clearer. Finally, this also enables the university, for example, to adapt its methods and improve its contents”, she argues. According to Hong Kong Phone Number data released by theAbres – Brazilian Association of Internships, in the country, there is still a large number of eligible profiles for this job, however, few vacancies. high school students, the total is 8,537,992 students, of which only 214,000 are interns (2.5%). As for the undergraduate modality, there are 8,680,354 students and, of these, only 686 thousand are interns (7.9%). To enter this mission, according to the Internship Law, the following are able to promote these admissions: private organizations and direct public administration bodies.

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Self-employed workers with a higher education, registered in their respective supervisory board, and individual micro-entrepreneurs. “This attitude is advantageous, as it gives companies the addition of new potential in the team. a theoretical background to assist in the development of ES Phone Number the name’s objectives and internal procedures. This contribution is manifested through improvement ideas and innovations in the atmosphere in which he is involved”, concludes the Nube representative. Did you like the suggestions? Do you want to know more about market trends and how to put them into practice in your position or personal life? Follow Cloud! We’re ready to update you on hot topics in the corporate environment, daily, atblogand on social networks.


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