Intern Day see the advantages of this position

Intern Day is celebrated! Being part of this position or seeking it is a unique way to build a career in the professional environment. Nube – Núcleo Brasilerio de Estágios congratulates all students who dedicate themselves to this role in order to grow in the job market, as well as the companies responsible for encouraging this type of hiring. So see, in this article, everything about the internship and its advantages for both sides of a corporate relationship. Where does intern day come from? This very prestigious award has been present in the Brazilian market for many years. in Decree No. 87,497, published on August 18, 1982. Despite the rules revoked in 2019, the date remained as a tribute to the participants of the craft. Understand more about the internship and who can celebrate this day.

The first norms founded for this position were create

According to her, not everyone can be a candidate for vacancies of this type. Therefore, only students are chosen to celebrate, whether they are of the secondary, technical or higher level, from the age of 16, with no maximum age limit. In this sense, Vitória Ribeiro, Nube’s selector, leaves her considerations on the relevance of the opportunity for this group. “The internship plays a fundamental role in the development Brazil Phone Number of the student’s career. It provides the possibility of applying the theoretical knowledge learned in training in a practical way. Thus, allowing this talent to acquire experience in the desired area and improve skills and abilities that are important for the liberal ecosystem”, argues the expert. In addition to learning and specialization in the curriculum, the employee’s rights in this trajectory are essential and make the difference in reconciling a study routine and achieving independence.

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This clause also clarifies the prohibition

Check out: Scholarship: this element is remuneration for the service provided, such as the salary for CLTs and, thus, can be a cost allowance to collaborate with student construction or other personal destinations. Reduced workload: the item is also plan to contribute to a smooth educational development, without interventions with the itineraries of the two strands. Therefore, it is only allow to exercise ES Phone Number a maximum of 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week. of working additional hours in the workday. Transport allowance: when there is a presence condition, it is mandatory to provide the intern with the amount used for the route. However, due to technological advances, leaders realized the possibility of managing a team even from a distance. Therefore, the internship became elective for the home office model.

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