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Awareness of sustainable It is essential for production and consumption is an emerging challenge across the world. For the director of the Interpares school in Curitiba, Dayse Campos, many people see the theme as something distant and complex, requiring specialized knowledge and a lot of time. Therefore, they often end up not being interested in simple and efficient measures. The director shares tips to be followed by institutions. However, she highlights the relevance of creating a synergy between parents, students and teachers before implementing each initiative. After all, through this collaboration, really significant results can be achieved. Exploration and reuse of homemade inputs : It is possible to adopt measures in this direction and encourage the use of ecologically correct cleaning products, in addition to promoting alternatives through the reuse of common inputs found at home.

How to be a sustainable institution?

We teach students how to make soap using cooking oil collected by families, thus avoiding contact with aggressive chemical products present in some materials. This practice can be incorporated into several disciplines, such as science, mathematics, art and financial education, also allowing the critical Laos Phone Number Data analysis of labels and warnings”, he highlights. Sustainable art : The diversity of commemorative dates in the Brazilian calendar offers an excellent opportunity to plan the decoration of the place using recyclable materials. It is possible to create murals, pictures and ambience, respecting the language of young people. Composting : It is necessary to collect organic waste from the canteen or cafeteria for composting. “In case there is no space or conditions to carry out internally, partnerships can be sought”, suggests Dayse.

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Use of rainwater : Inserting a rainwater separation system to clean sidewalks and fill toilets is simple and efficient. The installation of cisterns can provide savings. Reduced paper usage : The advancement of technology has brought several tools to optimize daily activities, communication and processes. There are options for agendas, notepads and applications for electronic devices such as notebooks , tablets ES Phone Number smartphones . An example are thedigital signaturesof documents. Abolition of bills of materials : Notebooks, cases, pencils, backpacks, books and other materials can be reused. Exchange and donation of uniforms : A rather controversial aspect when it comes to the environment is wardrobe renewal. Buying new parts frequently is not well received by those who care about the planet. Circular economy platforms : The specialist also mentions the circular economy in online advertising and classifieds platforms, promoting the purchase, sale and exchange of second-hand products.

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