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 We can talk to thousands of people. Buy products. Consult maps. Watch videos. But. Very often. Few of us are really aware of what happens on our digital devices and on the network that connects them to each other: the internet . Dissocial “christmas  ition” is a moment of meeting. Training and exchange design  to make us more aware of what happens online and. Naturally. To offer good practices. Knowl ge and tools capable of helping us defend our privacy    our health and our digital security. Request information this course is priceless! (and it’s free!) the course is offer  by èspero completely free of charge to all those who request it. Up to a maximum of 50 people .


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 A small christmas gift for those who have country email list always follow  and support  us. But also great content to share with digital professionals or with those who simply use digital services without having much in-depth knowl ge. If you are interest . Contact us and share the article with a person to whom you want to give a pleasant (and very useful) surprise. Register for the course what is the course like and what is it about? During the meeting. Lasting an hour and a half. In fad mode    the teachers will address the following topics: glu  to the screen! Screen time and m ia device addiction .


The product is you targeting and monetization

 They hurt (and. By now. This seems to be establish ). You ne  to go ES Phone Number on a diet and use it more and more consciously to avoid indigestion. The product is you targeting and monetization . The free nature of social networks often hides a very high price: our data and our privacy. Let’s pay attention to what we share and with whom (even if this “who” is not people. But companies). Digital crimes cyberbullying    revenge porn    sharenting    sexting . It’s not the far web .



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