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for instance: it typically incorporates an unexpecte hero (the protagonist) who finds themselves in a situation where they must do something life-changing (save the world from destruction). If you are able to invite your audience in using the same tools that fiction writers do, you probably will get them engage from the get-go. Plus don’t forget the importance of SEO writing when it comes to search and social meia, the right keywords mean getting to the right people. Here’s an example from the Dollar Shave Club, a brand which explode onto the men’s personal grooming scene with messaging that was innovative and funny.

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This is one of their Facebook ads that uses its trademark. humor to promote its razors by tapping into the issue of personal hygiene. Dollar Shave Club Facebook ad Dollar Shave Club Facebook ad 4) Use Influencers & Other Partners Some of the most innovative social advertising. we’re seeing today tends to combine two or three elements: a celebrity or influencer.  genuine cause, and a product. This combination of elements taps into an issue that people care about by leveraging the power of a relevant influencer special data or brand (make sure the influencer or partner is relevant, otherwise your ad could fall flat). A great example is GymShark’s #Gymshark66 campaign where they challenge people to change their lives by forming positive habits. To kick off the campaign, the brand partnere with some fitness influencers and create a video series calle “Stories of the 66” where people talke about their journey.

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The campaign resulte in more than 240 million video views ES Phone Number  and over 750k posts under the hashtag. One area where influencers and partnerships can work well is the non-profit sector. By getting backing for a particular social issue or cause, the charity can benefit by raising awareness and driving interest which can result in increase revenue from fundraising or volunteer recruitment. A perfect example of this is how Matt Damon’s company water.org partnere with Stella.


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