Influencer Marketing: What is it and how to plan an effective campaign

Thanks to the Internet Influencer Marketing in general, and social networks in particular, a new marketing strategy has emerged, influencer. Therefore, marketing. More and more companies are betting on it. The reason? Be much more credible and less. Therefore, invasive than conventional media. In this article we explain how to plan an influence marketing strategy effectively and some examples of this type of actions.

What is influencer  marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that  category email list brands can use within the digital world to achieve their goals. It consists of communicating a product or service or some. Therefore, aspect of it to consumers through users with a great capacity to influence the opinions of others. Why go for  According to the latest IAB study (2018), 7 out of 10 users follow an influencer.When you pay with them, the app records the transaction and all the details up to the minute. It is a platform aimed at small and medium-sized. Therefore, businesses that offers a web application to manage and monitor expenses and native Android and iOS. Therefore, applications for capturing receipts. 

Types of influencers according to the number of followers

Advantages of  Unlike other digital ES Phone Number marketing strategies,  offers a series of advantages that are worth knowing: Influencers have the public’s attention, especially millennials . They have. Therefore, followers who trust them and are interested in everything they do and consume. They help position a brand in the market and in the minds of the consumer. Advantages and disadvantages of using Pleo app Advantages You can issue a different. Therefore, card for each employee and also set a spending limit, thus gaining control. 


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