Neuromarketing and how can it help you sell more?

What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing is the science that studies purchasing or consumption behavior and customer decisions regarding different products, services and/or brands . It is, therefore, the discipline in charge of analyzing and studying some basic mental processes such as attention, perception and memory. This discipline carries out all this analysis, using modern scientific instruments to obtain measurable and verifiable results (preferably in controlled contexts, such as laboratories).

 Great sales tool

One of its specialties is the study email database of consumer behavior , and to do so it uses neuroscientific techniques to obtain data on a person’s consumer behavior and habits. Thanks to these techniques we can know, for example, that almost 69% of purchasing decisions are unconscious and that they respond to basic impulses from our brain. Has it surprised you? Well this is just the beginning. Shopping has a great emotional motivation. And these emotional stimuli often escape our reason, that is, sometimes we make unconscious purchase decisions.

A brief history 

It is there, in making almost unconscious ES Phone Number decisions, where brands can perhaps try to sell more products or services thanks to neuromarketing. Therefore, in addition to seeing what neuromarketing is, throughout this guide we will analyze what it is for and what are the reasons that are leading to its massive use. Neuromarketing used well is a great sales tool! By knowing how to reach our customers to try to influence those decisions that they make more unconsciously, we will be able to sell our products without having to appeal.


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