One of the misconceptions about digital marketing

One of the misconceptions about digital marketing is that once you have a program in place. You can automate as much as possible and just forget about it. People think that once the program is running on autopilot. You can simply walk away from it and forget about it.
While having a both a strategy and automation in place are certainly good things. This doesn’t mean you can ignore the program. There is no such thing as a truly automat. “set and forget”. Digital marketing program.

You ne to monitor results

Firstly. If a digital marketing program is automat. It implies that you don’t ne to monitor results. Although the work itself can be automat. Such as schuling social mia posts in advance and writing and schuling in content in latest database advance. This doesn’t mean y0u can truly turn your mind away from the program. You ne to consistently monitor results to assess if your efforts are paying off. You can’t let too much time pass before you check on the program.

While we don’t recommend checking in on the results

While we don’t recommend checking in on the results on a daily basis (this is counterproductive). We do believe you ne to check on the data on a monthly basis. You should think about your goals and assess ES Phone Number metrics such as conversions. Overall traffic. Organic search traffic. Social mia engagements and more. The overall goal of digital marketing is to help you grow your business. Metrics that will indicate if this is happening or not should be examin.


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