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So they buy the more expensive, ecological ones, because they simply have to. Community blog As you can see, the customers of such a company are completely different segments of recipients. So niche marketing still requires you to segment all of these audiences in order to run effective campaigns for each segment. We recommend Product photos and their value in marketing Benefits of running a business in a market niche Being part of a niche market has many advantages.

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One of the benefits is less competition. This is because as firms become more specialize, they are less likely to be direct competitors. So it’s no wonder that companies are always trying to identify the USP of a product that will place them in a niche. Using niche marketing, they can focus on ensuring that their target group receives an offer perfectly database matche to them. On the other hand, targeting a larger audience means that the company has to tailor what it sells to many different audiences. They differ significantly from each other, n demographic and psychographic terms. Companies offering services in niche markets will offer products or services that are really well suite to their customers. This is possible because they truly understand their audience and offer them the expecte value.


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This knowlege makes it difficult to reach an audience outside the niche, but it makes it easier to build brand loyalty in the short term. Niche marketing – advantages and disadvantages Niche marketing, by operating among a narrow group ES Phone Number of recipients, avoids competing with large retail brands and their marketing activities, public relations , etc. The messages of the “giants” will not be directe directly to niche customers. Focusing on a narrow segment gives you a better insight into the specific nees of your customer segment. Thanks to this, the company can become a specialist in the field of specific brands and position itself in it.

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