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 Ecommerce niches can be an explosive  Product Industry combination if you know how to do it… So let’s get to it! My first €10,000 with Shopify and Dropshipping As I told you before, my story begins back in 2014 in Venezuela with SEO niches and a small writing agency, but I won’t bore you with that and I’ll skip ahead to 2018, which is when this whole Shopify “thing” begins. I had recently emigrated to Chile because of the situation in my country, you know, about communism and everything you have read there perhaps. For all that.

Dropshipping with Product Industry Shopify and Aliexpress

I made the decision to go there, with the idea of ​​generating industry email list income to be able to invest in my online businesses. In 2018 I met Rafael Mayol through an advertisement on Instagram (my future mentor). I was talking about doing Dropshipping with Shopify and Aliexpress . Obviously I entered their funnel and watched the entire webinar. That night I didn’t sleep because of excitement (yes, that’s how I am haha). I fell in love with the idea of ​​having online stores and using advertising. At that point I had never experimented with paid advertising.

At that time I sold an anti-theft bag

So I had no idea what was coming. In the ES Phone Number following months I became obsessed with that world, created my first online store and started advertising on Facebook Ads. At that time I sold an anti-theft bag that solved many problems and was of high perceived value for people. My first 5 figure product. I focused a lot on creating good product descriptions that really showed the value of the product. Additionally, I put a lot of focus on creating emotional ads that really showed the product solution. So, without any experience in campaigns but putting a lot of love into the whole process, I launched my campaigns.


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