Retaking Marketing Pills on Instagram

Hello everyone again!! I am especially excited to write this article. And the reason is very simple. Do you remember the Instagram Marketing Pills that I published a thousand years ago? Ok, let’s recap. I am going to put you in the situation first, so that you understand this joy that I want to share with you, since you are the true “guilty” of it. If you remember, those of you who have been on Instagram for more than three years , back then you couldn’t record videos longer than 15 seconds. Come on, like now the Stories that we use so much and that have given us so much play so that we can express our imagination and creativity in that limited time.

Instagram made the leap to one-minute videos

Well as I went. Three years ago Instagram made a beautiful leap from 15-second videos to one-minute videos. Yes, gentlemen, 60 seconds of blessed glory to expand and share more information (useful or not, interesting or not, funny or not, and a long etcetera). But of course, those sixty seconds are already short for email contact list some of us. I admit it. That said, those of you who have been following me for more than three years will surely remember some Marketing pills through that format, the one-minute video.

Retaking Marketing Pills on Instagram

What a mess I’m giving you. Well, that’s it, I abandoned them due to lack of time (what a typical excuse). The truth is that lack of time always becomes a bad justification for not doing things. Yes, we have all experienced it. But a few days ago, thanks to these wonderful ES Phone Number Stories and their surveys, you literally blew me away with the impact that the proposal to resume them had. That is, yesterday I already released the first one. For those of you who hadn’t heard, now you do. And also, I leave it at the end of this article (don’t be lazy and finish reading the article before watching the video, I’ll see you coming). 


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