What is a VPS and what is a vps server for

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you feel that your website is slow or does not load as you want and you want to elevate your blog or website to another level of performance, this article is of interest to you. In addition, you will know which are the best servers and cheap  servers. At the end of the post you have a very good discount in case you decide to move your website to a high-performance VPS . A few days ago a friend who has a very powerful personal brand blog contacted me because he wanted me to recommend a good VPS since he had hosting in a company that was giving him poor performance and he said that many times his website was “down.” In addition, he told me that he had other websites.

Virtual server

They wanted something job function email list more professional to improve the usability of their readers (customers) and at the same time improve the positioning of their websites. And I recommended the VPS that I am using. Something that helped me not have any more down websites and greatly improved the loading speed of my website and at the same time the SEO (web positioning). And I thought that maybe this topic could also interest other people and here it is. I hope it is useful for those who do not know this tool and are looking. For better features with their website. Post contents [ Hide ] What is a VPS What is a VPS server for? What are the advantages of hiring a VPS virtual server? Differences between hosting and a VPS server How to configure vps server if I don’t master this tool? When is it worth upgrading to a VPS server.

What is advantages

Your VPS server is reserved exclusively ES Phone Number for you and you do not have to share memory, processor or disk space with other members; Greater power (than in shared hosting); You have a dedicated IP address , exclusive to you (in shared hosting you have an IP that you share with the rest of the server) and geolocated in Spain; Total privacy that you don’t have on other servers. More security for your website since it is you who manage it; Full access to the server. So you have the freedom to install applications and make changes to the environment without having to talk to anyone. Advanced monitoring ; Savings on hosting if you have several websites, by grouping everything on the same VPS.


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