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Which is increasingly crucial for companies that want to remain competitive in a digitized world. Other possibilities have also stood out, especially those related to sustainability and care for the environment. With growing concern about climate change and the preservation of natural resources, engineers, renewable energy consultants and eco-friendly product designers have emerged to meet this demand. In addition, new performance models were consolidated, such as hybrid and remote. With the evolution of communication solutions, it is possible to carry out daily activities from any place and time, generating greater flexibility. It is possible to conquer your space even with little experience Faced with the fierce competition in the labor universe, the baggage acquired in a given sector is usually highly requested by contractors.

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Thus, a candidate with experience in a particular field may have an advantage. However, the lack of this experience does not prevent joining a company. So, what is the real secret to conquering the much-desired opportunity without previous luggage? According to the professor of the Administration Greece Phone Number course at Centro Universitário Cesuca, Juliana Saboia, the first step is to focus on acquiring skills relevant to the desired job. “Initially, it certainly involves education, be it formal (undergraduate) or informal (short-term courses). If the person is already studying, making use of their network of contacts is also an effective strategy, as many professors and colleagues can indicate him or even invite him to a project. For this reason, presenting the appropriate behavior is essential to be remembered”, he guides. While networking is important, it is far from the only option for those looking for their first corporate adventure.

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According to Juliana, although it seems challenging, there are other ways to draw attention, such as the knowledge acquired in school and university groups, in addition to social programs. After all, everything generates learning and demonstrating this in an interview is fundamental. “Try to express this during the conversation. For example, if you participate in a soccer team, a volleyball group, theater, among others, you certainly ES Phone Number have teamwork, communication, organization, problem solving and maybe even leadership skills” , he says. For her, the willingness to learn and grow in the organization is crucial. “Mention your willingness to train yourself with internal courses or any possibility of improvement offered by the location. During the process, show enthusiasm and passion for the industry. Explain why you are interest in that position and share your aspirations for advancement”, suggests the expert.

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