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In other words, the Human Resources area should be consider fundamental for planning. Strategic planning is a process through which the organization’s path is guid . This happens when it is clear where the organization wants to go in the long, mium and short term. For this, collaborators form an important piece, since they are the ones who guarantee that said planning is execut. Obviously, they must know the company’s objectives very well. In this way, strategic planning will help projects to be execut in the best way and ensure business growth. It should be not that all areas of the company must be involv with the purpose of developing strategic planning.

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That is, managers, human resources, finances, sales and other areas must always converge their proposals for the benefit of the organization. To develop good strategic planning, all companies must establish the mission, that is, the reason for their existence . Establishing the mission allows the members of the company to focus their decisions bas on it, which makes it possible to establish coherent objectives and strategies. We must b2b email list also consider the vision , since it defines how the organization wants to see itself in the long term . The projects to be carri out must also be establish so that the company fulfills its mission and achieves its vision .

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Thus, managers must be involv so that each one assigns the necessary resources so that difficulties do not arise throughout the project. The establishment of strategies and plans is of utmost importance since, with their absence, the actions of collaborators could be ES Phone Number incorrect and this could represent economic losses. Finally, people are the fundamental element. The Human Resources area must train them bas on the nes present by clients to achieve the establish objectives. It is of utmost importance that the company’s human capital has knowlge and skills align with its profile.


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