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All the and that someone cares. that might be all they ne to hear. Ucate yourself Learning about different mental health conditions might make you feel more. Confident about talking to someone about their problems. Organisations such as Rethink mental illness and Mind have great guides you can download which cover. Every mental health condition, the symptoms and how they are usually treat. Distinguish the myths from the facts. There are a lot of myths around mental health which do nothing except keep the stigma going.

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By learning the facts, you can understand the issues whatsapp mobile number list around mental health. Better and the challenges that people with mental illness face. Some common myths include; “People with mental health illnesses are usually violent and unprictable” Fact: People who have a mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence and harm. “People with mental health issues aren’t able to work” Fact: We all probably work with someone who has a mental health problem. “Mental illnesses aren’t that common” Fact: One in four people will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime.

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How you can start the conversation Here are some ES Phone Number ways that you can start a conversation about how someone is feeling. Go out for a walk with someone and ask them how they are. Invite someone round for a cup of tea and a chat . Text a friend and ask them how they are . Make a point of calling someone you haven’t talk to in a while to see how they are • Tell someone how you’re feeling; if you’re not ‘fine’, say so! You aren’t a doctor or an expert, but you don’t ne to be, you just ne to be there and to care for someone at a time when they might be feeling very alone.

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