The rules of social media really

Aren’t all that dissimilar to the rules of social etiquette. If you avoid the ‘naughty list’ you’ll be on track for success. Here are the three main rules you should follow religiously Think about these three scenarios Santa: Would you engage with a Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin (or any other social media platform) profile that’s riddled with self-promotional content and zip all else? Or a profile which pumps out content about anything and everything under the sun – from diaper-buying tips and shaving cream brands to Brexit news and philosophical rants? Would you respond eagerly to automated Twitter DMs or clearly copied & pasted Linkedin messages that have been sent out to a million and one other prospects.

I beg to differ

Content is  King. It’s more like… bling. It’s the shiny armour – or slick suit – that first grabs your prospect’s attention, attracts them to you and makes you look and sound the part. But underneath that sparkly  List Of Real Mobile Number List exterior there must be real substance. Because is King. Your core offering. The strength of your brand. Your USP is King. The purpose of content is to bring people to you, so that you can offer them something amazing. They don’t buy from you because you have nicely-written articles and pretty-looking infographics. Your content pulls them in, towards rock solid value and a brand they trust and can relate to. Without that, your content is kind of pointless. A waste of time. You can wrap a turd in pretty paper. But it’s still a turd.

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 Do you really

offer value? Do you really have a USP? Why should anyone choose you over your next best competitor? (Hint: Do a thorough competitor analysis, following these tips) What are your four/five core brand values Australia Phone Number List and do these underpin all of your marketing decisions? How do these brand values translate into copy, design and staff behaviour? Is this currently clear enough? I.  would a prospect be able to guess your brand values from any quick interaction with your brand at any touchpoint? What are your brand personality traits and do they suit your target audience? Have you defined a distinct, relevant tone of voice, with guidelines to follow? And is this consistent across all your online and offline marketing collateral? (Hint: define your tone of voice following these 5 steps).


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