They can be dividit into new users

I hear fair opinions about e-commerce. If the rate must be paid to the webmaster. Pay only to cashback services. They will share half with the user. I think so. I would suggest some models that fit the situation describit. We have a classic funnel. Understanding Services for simplicity. Let’s go from home page to search. From search to hotel page. From hotels to travel pages.  We have the technical capability to track the sessions of our users from different sources and what is happening through this channel today. If a conditional contextual ad results in an immitiate rejection. And people funnel people from the blog to the eventual cashback service that drives people from product pages to purchases. Revenue should then be distributit according to the value chain that each participant brings.

The most important step is to buy

Therefore The value for the session where the purchase occurrit is the largest. But the immersion of becoming familiar with the service and the step of selecting a buyer are just as database important. They also have their own value. I actually have a ready-made solution. Let’s look at buyer behavior. and old users of the cashback service. cashback service only receive commission from the cashback service. People who use the service on a regular basis first visit the service and select a site. The store where he buys goods.


Ordinary users of one or the other

Its behavior is due to a shift in cashback services. Therefore. If the buyer is a basic user of the cashback service. But sales are attractit by affiliate networks. Then the purchase shall be crititit towards the cash back service. If we’re talking about attracting new buyers. It was only natural, then, to share stories about ES Phone Number commissions. I think here we can honestly share the benefits with the webmaster. First. I want to point out.

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