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This is all to ensure maximum protection of users’ privacy. In addition, the system is so accurate that it is able to locate a store or branch of a given company with over 95% accuracy, even in a large shopping center. , including: Google Maps (Google Earth, Street View), GPS location, Wi-Fi signal in facilities and surveys to confirm the visit. According to the requirements, in order to take advantage of this, you must have: thousands of ad clicks and many store/branch visits, a Google My Business account linked to a Google Ads account , the location of each of your brick-and-mortar stores created in your Google My Business account, active location extensions in your account.

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Configuration from Google Ads support ( Store Visit Conversions is an opportunity to achieve a greater return on investment To sum up, Store Visit Conversions is a new report in the Google Analytics system. The expected launch of the service in Poland Latest Mailing Database is scheduled for the end of this year. It has been available in overseas markets for a long time. It helps advertisers measure their return on investment (ROI) more effectively so. They can make more informed decisions about their ads. Budgets and overall marketing strategy.

This was the case for

Latest Mailing Database

The Google Ads campaign run by Nissan in the UK. By analyzing additional data, a twenty-five-fold return on investment was achieved. You can read more about and watch on the official Google Ads YouTube channel. Promo traffic, as an agency with the status of a Google Partner, ensures that the service will be enabled on most Google ES Phone Number Ads accounts. Which will allow for even better optimization of campaigns conducted for our clients. One of the most important stages of the conversation between me and the client is the accurate recognition of. His needs and expectations regarding cooperation. Based on this conversation, an offer is created. which determines whether it will be successful.


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