What boards should not be missing from a hotel on Pinterest

But aren’t you sure which boards your hotel should have on Pinterest or what photos to include on them? The hotels that are achieving the most success on Pinterest use a wide range of boards with images, and even some videos or presentations, not only of the establishment and the city that surrounds it, but also of the events, beauties or mysteries hidden in it. . In my view, the key to an effective social media strategy through Pinterest is to create boards with captivating images that are important for our hotels

Restaurants and bars

In turn that can awaken a job function email list visual expectation in our followers or target audience. The images or pins of our hotel on Pinterest must be attractive and/or attractive , as well as worthy of sharing or repinning. This means that the majority of our boards should not focus only on the hotel (those variety of pins are more likely to be re-pinned). What boards should your hotel have on Pinterest? If your hotel has just started on Pinterest, here are some ideas that you should take into account when designing your Boards,

Local parties

So that they can be more captivating. Hotel ES Phone Number Photos This is obvious, one or several boards that talk about your hotel (in the case of a hotel chain, I recommend a single board for each establishment). You should think about the most attractive images of your hotel, but without forgetting the real concerns or interests of your guests towards it. Rooms, restaurant, bar, leisure and/or conference rooms, swimming pool, etc. Show them your best photographs of the hotel’s assets and/or strong points. Images that when looking.


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