What is Branded Content? Advantages, Examples and Strategy

This time, I’m not going to be the one to tell you what Branded Content is . Although I have already talked about it on several occasions, and I have told you some key points , more focused on our content to humanize brands , in this context where my guest will tell you how to include it in your strategy for your company and its advantages. Yes, as you have read, I said “my guest”. I have finally decided to open the doors of my little house 2.0 so that professionals whom I appreciate and know in first person of their great work and labor, have a space on my blog to be part of it and, in this way, be able contribute more to my audience more often.

What is Branded Content

What is Branded Content. Branded Content consists of generating a content campaign that makes the consumer feel attracted to a brand and creates a relationship of greater trust with them. All companies have to generate content as a mechanism email database to make their brand known. But we have to go one step further and draw up a strategy based on some objectives that we must define and achieve.

Increase the conversions of a product or service

Increase the conversions of a product or service. In the end there is always a conversion factor. And on many occasions the Branded Content strategy seeks to improve our sales of a specific product or service. Do you remember, for example, the cartoons “Popeye the Sailor”? A comedy series that was actually a Branded Content strategy with the aim of increasing ES Phone Number spinach sales. And what if they succeeded!! How many times did our parents tell us that we had to eat spinach to “get as strong as Popeye”


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