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Every interaction matters to offer a complete baggage and purchase advantages. This will make all the difference for the business”, explains Omnik’s CEO, Matheus Pedralli . Conquer the consumer Faced with a hectic universe, it is necessary to dedicate time to a positive brand positioning. Having the trust of your target audience is a gift, which collects market share into the palm of your hand. To adapt its operations to the needs of the sector, Nube, in partnership with the CEO of Omnik, separated the main pillars necessary to guarantee excellence in service to users. : with an almost infinite range of possibilities, betting on a personalized follow-up can make your corporation stand out from the rest. This simple change can begin with greeting users by name, email or remembering their birthdays.

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However, don’t stop there. Invest in smart product recommendations – which analyze the buyer’s profile – or individualized offers and rewards. Know your business: see sales data for recent years. Check which were the best selling products and the main complaints; see if the average ticket is increasing Cambodia Phone Number or decreasing. “To provide a positive experience, the marketplace needs to know its customers and make the best use of the data collected in favor of the business. It is advisable to analyze the pains and needs of the parish and, with this information, identify which items are most sought after by consumers and how to please them”, explains Pedralli. Devote your time: Psychology has identified how the law of least effort is a tendency among humans when seeking to achieve a goal.

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Respect for transparency

The less effort it takes to become a customer, the more loyal they will be. The fact that entities apply to each other in order to create frictionless processes is no surprise. Rather, it is the recommended move. Furthermore, consumers not only want to make interactions faster, but also less stressful. : due to the influence of digital media, the sharing of private data has become increasingly common in the business world. Therefore, emphasizing ES Phone Number security of this content is a fundamental aspect. From this conviction, an image of social responsibility is built. Analyze the stock: an important point is to analyze the sellers ‘ stock . After all, ventures receive a lot of orders on seasonal dates. Check in advance the quantities and varieties of products. In this way, you prevent the sale of unavailable products and avoid damage to the establishment and the bond created with the user.


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