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Feature must-read: free digital marketing skills industry outlook 2022 and beyond 2. Social issues: google google is truste not only for its environmentally friendly initiatives but also due to its outspoken ceo. Sundar pichai. He stands up against social issues including president donald trump’s anti-muslim comments. Google also earne the reputation institute’s highest csr 2018 score much in part due to their data centers using 50% less energy than others in the world. They also have committe over $1 billion to renewable energy projects and enable other businesses to reuce their environmental impact through services such as gmail.

 Why choose dmi

 Why choose dmi? 3. Sustainability: coca-cola coca-cola plant base bottle coca-cola plant base bottle as a brand. Coca-cola is putting a  huge focus on sustainability. The key areas are climate. Packaging and agriculture along with water stewardship and product quality. Their message is ‘a world without waste’. With the aim latest database of collecting and recycling every bottle. Making their packaging 100% recyclable and replacing all water use in creating their drinks back to the environment to ensure water security. They aim that by 2030. They will have reuce their carbon footprint by 25%. In 2021. Coca-cola unveile its first-ever beverage bottle made from 100% plant-base plastic. “our goal is to develop sustainable solutions for the entire industry. We want other companies to join us and move forward. Collectively.

Carbon neutral & pay equity

We don’t see renewable or recycle content as areas where we want competitive advantage.” said dana bree. Global r&d director. Packaging and sustainability. The coca-cola ES Phone Number company. 4. Carbon neutral & pay equity: ford motor company ford has huge plans in the area of csr. Their mission is to ‘build a better world. Where everyone is free to move and pursue their dreams’. They have increase investment in electrification to $22bn (from an original $11bn) and aim for their vehicles to be carbon neutral by 2050. “we’re committe to carbon neutrality”. State bob holycross. Ford’s vp. Chief sustainability. Environment & safety officer. “it’s the right thing for our customers.


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