Build your career through internships

Starting a professional career, in fact, is not a simple mission. This step is essential for anyone who wants to succeed. However, for beginners, facing the job market tends to be a challenge given the lack of experience. However, today, there are options, such as the apprenticeship program or the internship, which are considered great allies of this entry into the corporate ecosystem. So see, in this article, how to reach an opportunity through them. Know the obstacles between a vacancy and the candidate To begin with, the panorama of unemployment is the main aspect to be observe. According to data released by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the unemployment rate in Brazil was 8.8% in the period between January and March 2023.

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Also, according to the same institution, among individuals aged 14 to 17 years, components of the workforce (ie are looking for a job), 36.4% were far from a position. In the age group of 18 to 24 years, the inactivity rate was 22.8%. In addition, novices faced another major problem, the lack of previous Canada Phone Number experience in the desired role. A survey carried out by the Argentine trend research company Trendsity together with McDonald’s, points to this request as a difficulty faced by 77% of young Brazilians when looking for a suitable vacancy. In addition to this factor, the lack of opportunity is mention by 69% of respondents and the lack of confidence in the new generations was mention by 68%. These are the three biggest obstacles to entering the business world.

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In another evaluation, promoted by the Núcleo Brasileiro de Estágios itself, the agency questions how the public evaluates the skills requested for hiring. With about 23,000 respondents, perceptions were divide. For the majority, 43.96% depends, some ask correctly, but others exaggerate, 16.76% think the lists are too long, this harms them in the moment of getting a vacancy, already 11.16% say how they could be smaller ES Phone Number facilitate approval. Another portion, 15.19%, put the problem in people’s lack of qualification, not in companies. Finally, 12.94% – see them as fair, but do not reach the requested profile. In the internship, professional experience is not one of the requirements Searching for the right odds is also a factor to consider. After all, applying for any open office without checking compatibility and pointless action.


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