Communication and Marketing Strategies in Large-scale

Communication and marketing strategies in large-scale retail trade. Business. Local gdo. More traditional than digital. There doesn’t seem to be much chemistry between large-scale retail trade and digital! Communication and marketing in large-scale retail trade remains. In fact. Traditional and not very innovative. Social channels are little use and websites communicate in a flat and impersonal way. The large-scale retail trade seems to prefer an old and now . Date communication that follows the logic impose by central . Management and which applies to all local sales points. Large retailers prefer traditional marketing what tools do supermarkets and hypermarkets like auchan. 

Large retailers prefer traditional marketing

Carrefour or conad use to make promotions. Discounts. New services or new products known? For many years they have been using paper flyers and advertising latest database in.  Newspapers and weeklies. Which undoubtely  have their effectiveness. But certainly would not hold a candle to digital meia! Filling the letterbox every week with new brochures is the most use marketing . Tool by large-scale retail trade: are we sure that it is also the most . Effective marketing strategy? We think not! Prevention is better than cure. Even in marketing! We are certain of the effectiveness.  Of digital marketing and how important it is today to innovate for another reason. Let’s go overseas. To america. Where amazon has opene its supermarkets. 

Equality in this case is not a strong point

Some of which without shop assistants. To spee up sales. The e-commerce giant does not use paper. But invests heavily in online advertising and digital marketing! He uses social meia. Does email marketing. Facebook advertising and much more and has a very aggressive marketing policy. Which however works! Sooner or later amazon ES Phone Number will also come to us and compete.  With our large-scale retail trade: what will be our countermove? Traditional marketing and paper marketing? Wouldn’t it be better to start innovating now. Rather than running for cover when it’s too late? It is urgent to change the business model and marketing . Plan large-scale retail trade nees an innovative digital marketing . Plan and more effective digital communication. But first it must change its business model! 


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