Do you understand what Ahrefs is

Ahrefs has various features that can be used to optimize SEO performance on a website. Want to know what Ahrefs features are provided for marketing professionals? Here are some Ahrefs features to improve SEO.

1. Site Explorer
The Site Explorer feature on Ahrefs tools can help you analyze backlinks and provide information about how many backlinks are visible. Apart from that, you can also compare it with competitor backlinks. In Site Explorer, there are two main tools, including the organic research traffic tool and the backlink checker tool.

Organic research traffic tool, can help website managers to see what content the audience needs, so website managers can optimize their sites.
The backlink checker tool can help website managers find out which site links are of high quality and can add credibility.
2. Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer is one of Ahrefs’ features that can be used to search for keywords related to content on our site. When you search for a keyword, this feature will provide traffic estimates that contain information on how often people search for that keyword.

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3. Rank Tracker
The next feature from Ahrefs is the Rank Tracker. This Rank Tracker functions to show site rankings from both desktop and mobile at the chosen location. This feature is important in SEO, because the goal itself is to increase the ranking position of a site. Through this feature, Rank Tracker will send daily, weekly and monthly reports. This will help see the number of ‘clicks’ from organic traffic.

4. Site Audit
In order for SEO practices to work properly, a Site Audit feature is needed which can be aimed at ensuring the website runs well. Because this feature will analyze and check for problems that may arise database on the website. If there is a problem on the website, Site Audit will give a warning, so you can anticipate. Not only that, Site Audit can also report the results of the health analysis that your website has.

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Ahrefs price
Ahrefs prepares various packages that can be used by paying a fee. These packages start from Lite, Standard, Advanced, to Agency. These packages are priced at different prices, starting from IDR 1,370,000 to IDR 13,880,000 depending on the needs of each website. For more details, the following is the amount of fees required to access the features and services required according to the Ahrefs package.

5. Content Explorer
Another feature of Ahrefs is the Content Explorer. This feature can analyze various topics on the internet
and see their popularity in society. This ES Phone Number feature will help you search for a particular topic, because you will present a list of the most famous articles among the 2 million articles from the database. This Content Explorer is based on various factors, starting from content, organic traffic, and the number of link sites that cite the article.


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