It is based on the idea of ​​meeting present needs

Without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own demands. In today’s world, we face several environmental challenges, such as climate change, ecosystem degradation, scarcity of natural resources and pollution. These problems have significant impacts on our quality of life, biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems. Therefore, it should be a concern of leaders, employees, interns and apprentices. to adopt measures in different areas. One of the essential pillars is the use of clean and renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric, thus reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Conscious consumption is another valuable aspect. We must rethink our standards, opting for products that are durable, recyclable and produced ethically and responsibly.

To promote this debate it is necessary

Education and awareness also play a crucial role. People must understand the importance of their daily choices, whether at home, at work or in the educational institution. This is not only an environmental issue, but also a social and economic one. It seeks to promote equity and respect for human rights. The transition to this model requires the collaboration of governments, companies and society as a whole. Sustainability Kuwait Phone Number Data at ESG The relevance of the environmental pillar (the “E” in the ESG acronym) in companies has been widely discussed since the report released by the Global Compact, under the management of the United Nations – UN, in 2004. This survey, together with the document ” Who Cares Wins “, by the World Bank, aims to encourage organizations to adopt best practices related to human rights, nature conservation and the fight against corruption.

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This issue directly affects urban areas

This issue has been an integral part of our daily lives for many years, ranging from individual habits to actions taken by corporations. This factor requires a new perspective. Searching for ESG information has seen an increase of over 700% on Google Trends. Professionals in the area are proposing the adoption of more conscious and well-structured measures. According to the previously mentioned World ES Phone Number Bank study, by 2025 each person will produce 1.4 kilograms of waste per day, resulting in 2.2 billion tons of waste worldwide. In Brazil, there is currently recycling of glass, aluminum and stainless steel. However, materials such as styrofoam, biodegradable plastic and others are considered of negligible value. This leads to a lack of effort to reuse them and results in improper disposal. , marine fauna and flora.


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