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 Company web hosting How to join “ by using the activation” double opt-in “ When we want to attract subscribers to our website through the form, the user must confirm the subscription in two steps, which is technically known as ” double opt-in <TAG1>. Basically the procedure is as follows: Users send us their data via a form. We will send you an automatic double opt-in confirmation email with a confirmation button. The user clicks the button and gets confirmed.

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 Users receive an email – or are redirected to a page – thanking them. To achieve this, we have to    special data  do the following: Add a form to a website: First, you must add a subscription form to your website using your own form or another form tool that you can integrate with. Activate “ double select Add ” option: Go to > My profile > <TAG1> subscription settings. Activate this option. Custom Confirmation E-mail: Edit subject and sender: By default, the e-mail is in English.

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 Modify it and check that the sender you want to use is correct. Edit the contents of an email: Finally, you must edit the contents of the confirmation email. You can change the text, color, and add deleted elements, but I recommend that you keep the formatting   ES Phone Number  and only modify what is necessary. Set up a thank you message: Here you can customize the automatic thank you email or add a link to the thank you page you created.


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