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How to fix it: Look for “Redirect Chains and Loops” in the problem report generated by the site audit: Redirect Chains and Loops You’ll find a list of pages each time indicating the redirect type and the number of associated redirects. Channel list and redirect loop. Fixed redirect chain will look like this – Final Middle East mobile number list destination instead of redirect loop: Fixed redirect chain Additionally, fixed redirect loop will have a homepage that will not redirect to the initial page.


So this will remove redirects from


the homepage to other pages. . Links on https pages malaysia phone number point to http pages Problem: Google recommends protecting websites using the https protocol. If you switch from http to https, some of your pages may still incorrectly point to the old http page.


 This will create unnecessary redirects as links

must point to secure https versions of these Belgium Phone Number pages. How to fix: To find this error quickly, go to the Site Audit Overview report and click the View Details button below. https report Next, scroll down to Errors.


 https issues Click on the number to see which pages are affected. https troubleshooting If it’s a minor issue, manually update the http link to direct it to the appropriate https page. If the problem is site-wide, ask your developer for help.


After implementing a new internal linking strategy, fix internal linking issues with a website audit. Smart services are one thing, but getting citizens to use them is another. Encourage digital inclusion through education and communication platforms to encourage their use of smart services. smart cities should focus on sectors in crisis, such as public health and housing, but that may require collecting personal, financial or medical care.


Make sure to comply with applicable privacy laws and protect your network with cybersecurity software that protects your technology infrastructure. Keeping these goals in mind, you will be able to satisfy the most discerning city dwellers when it comes to smart services. : How SMBs Can Manage the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Posted by — By Tessa Anaya Artificial Intelligence AI is now a resource available to SMBs.



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