Facebook Advertising one of the best ways to advertise


Maybe it’s not that they don’t know how to run advertising campaigns on Facebook and that’s why they don’t get good results? What is your opinion? Philip Kotler, a marketing expert who no one will question, is clear. To that question he answers in El País : «That they probably didn Facebook Advertising ‘t know how to use it. Ford invests in Facebook and it is doing well, in fact, it will increase its investment. General Motors should be more careful with those decisions and learn how it’s done. The company that does not embrace the digital world will be obsolete in a few years.” Facebook Ads is possibly the best way to advertise invented to date. Therefore, other platforms are copying its model.

Greater segmentation we do in our campaign

The previous paragraph. Advertising on Facebook allows us to segment like never before: by city, gender, age, interests, marital status… And the greater segmentation we do in our campaign, the better. Let’s forget about: “my target audience is men and women of all ages, why not! And this executive data segmentation will convert our advertising into useful and relevant information for the user experience. If an individual is interested in sports and our ad is seen by that user, we are relevant! It is the first time that we can get the user’s circle of friends to recommend our advertising . If a friend has already clicked, they have greater credibility. According to Facebook, up to 70% more effective! Now the user.

Circle of friends to recommend our advertising

he doesn’t like an ad, he can block and report it. So let’s be careful and not saturate or make irrelevant ads. And this won’t be a bad idea when YouTube has already copied it. And finally, it allows you to make ads that your competitors’ fans see. It seems incredible, but it is so. Be careful, what is not possible is to create ads that only appear on the competition’s fan page! Therefore, if we want to have a community ES Phone Number of users , fans, and also quality, it is necessary to invest in advertising formats on Facebook. As simple as that. Well, no matter how much we try, it is not possible to reach our target audience only with publications on the wall. If a community manager claims to achieve it and in his social media strategy he does.


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