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Being a good leader, forming a strong group and having a healthy relationship with employees is fundamental to the success of any organization. An effective commander is able to inspire, motivate and guide a business towards common goals, while maintaining a positive and productive climate. Success is not achieve individually, but through a well-structured group. You need to look for people with complementary skills, diverse experiences and a commitment to achieving shared goals. In addition, companionship should be encourage, collaboration, open communication and valuing the ideas of each member, whether managers, interns or apprentices. A positive connection is based on trust, mutual respect and effective dialogue. The manager must be accessible and willing to listen to the opinions and concerns of others.

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This openness provides an environment in which members feel recognized, encouraged to express their thoughts and contributions, and thus realize how important they are in the decision-making process. The friendly relationship is stimulating. This results in increased group motivation Australia Phone Number commitment as they become more engaged and willing to do their best. In addition, it promotes talent retention. By recognizing each person’s individual capabilities and offering opportunities for professional growth and development, the company is ready to face challenges and overcome obstacles efficiently. Understand the diversity of generations in the job market In the past, the figure of a boss was associate with someone older, with years inside the corporation and reaching the top of the hierarchy after decades of work. However, nowadays, individuals are not linked to a specific generation and this results in completely diversifie locations.

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It is necessary to have empathy

Base on my experience, this is something potentially positive, as it is a kind of fertile ground for different suggestions, generate from different world perspectives. They promote discussions and consensus, essential elements for everyday business”, comments Miriam Rodrigues, professor at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie – UPM, in the areas of People Management and Organizational Behavior. The expert ES Phone Number adds: “I’ve been a leader of more experienced employees and I’ve learned a lot from them. With the younger ones, I had and still have the chance to absorb their energy and youth, as well as their visions and values ​​that are different from mine. This allows me to understand several things from other perspectives. I have also subordinate to younger supervisors, eager to progress professionally, be recognize and achieve results in ever shorter deadlines.


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