The 7 Best Aquariums in Japan Don’t Forget

As an archipelago made up of more than six thousand islands, Japan is culturally and historically linked to the seas and oceans that surround it.

For centuries, the waters that line the coasts of Japan have provided its people with the food and transportation they need to see the rest of the world. Today this connection to the sea lives on in Japan’s aquariums, these modern attractions are hugely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Have you ever seen a whale shark? It is one of the largest fish alive today! What about killer whales, polar bears and penguins?

You can see all these amazing sea creatures and more at aquariums in Japan

Japan is home to at least 17 major aquariums and numerous Whatsapp Mobile Number List smaller water attractions. Here, we highlight seven of the most amazing aquariums Japan has to offer.

This small aquarium caters to local schoolchildren, but is also a place for travelers to enjoy. The two-story aquarium has nine areas where you can appreciate different environments. One of its exhibits shows the flora and fauna of Kyoto ‘s wild river ecosystem , including the Japanese giant salamander , endemic to this country.

Considered the second most spectacular aquarium in Japan and one of the largest in the world with more than 470 species, the Osaka Aquarium has eight floors that spiral around a central tank that houses a whale shark. It is also next to the Tempozan Ferris wheel.

The highlight of this medium-sized aquarium is its dolphin pool

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The stands of the Epson Aqua Stadium surround a central ES Phone Number circular pool where shows are regularly held. The nightly dolphin show includes special lighting effects.

The design of the Sendai Aquarium resembles an art museum. Animals that live in Umitamago include penguins, dolphins, seals, otters, and various fish. A visit to the Umitamago Aquarium is a perfect plan, if it is also combined with a visit to the nearby Takasakiyama Monkey Park .


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