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Network and to cool the water used to cool the server rooms. The new Omnibus Directive takes care of the transparent pricing of B2C online stores If you operate in the B2C market, you must have come across the Omnibus Directive? The Consumer Protection Act according to the Omnibus Directive was renewed at the beginning of 2023. The new consumer protection law brought changes to discount marketing, consumer reviews and the right to cancel home sales. The Finnish Consumer and Competition Authority explains all

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Detail in its press release . It is no longer possible to constantly keep products on sale and throw big discount percentages here and there. In Finland, the ambiguity of discount sales was a challenge for a long time, especially in the business database marketing of furniture stores. Next, we will go through two essential things that online retailers should be aware of. Let’s see! 1 – Changes to the Omnibus Directive on discounts in marketing The most visible change for the consumer with the Omnibus Directive is related to marking discounts: When

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Asked for permission to use the image. The same must be done, even if the picture was taken in a public place. Advertising on TikTok has brought copyright into focus – how many ES Phone Number companies use artists’ songs or well-known influencers’ soundtracks for marketing purposes on social media without permission? When making social media videos, you are not allowed to forget copyright. If you want to use soundtracks made by others in social media videos, buy the rights to the song you want or search for copyright-free music. In


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